A Taste of What to Expect

May 24, 2015 2 Comments

Here are just some of the wonderful exhibitors you’ll get to meet at Halal Food Fest TO this year on May 30-31 at The International Centre! Sample, purchase packaged products and full meals!




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  • Dr Shafi

    Hi, AssalamuAlaikum !
    We are interested to visit your Festival on the 21st May 2016 by early morning hours with kids & family. So which time in that morning will be jam-free & all stalls will be opened for the viewers like us?

    Also, if we buy entry tickets online from home, is there any advantage rather than buying tickets from the Festival gate?? If we buy online then will you allow us to bypass the big cue (line) & could be able to get inn quickly, crossing the lined-ticket buyers over there?

    Can you give any idea for the room rent (which you have mentioned-Discounted rate) at the Sheraton hotel to stay overnight & enjoy the festival with our families??

    • admin

      Wa alykum salam,

      Best time to come is opening at 10am on either day. You can purchase tickets online which will allow you to bypass the on-site registration line. I believe the rates are expired – but you’d need to contact the hotel directly to book rooms and find out about rates.


      HFFTO Team

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