Address, Timings and FAQ

You Have Questions, We Have Answers!

We’ve tried to capture the most common questions that we’ve been getting for Halal Food Fest Toronto. If you don’t see an answer to your question here, please contact us at and we’ll be more than happy to answer!


When is the event?

A: Halal Food Fest TO 2017 will be held on Saturday July 15 to Sunday July 16, 2017.

Saturday July 15: 10am to 10pm
Sunday July 16: 10am to 8pm


Where is the event?

A: We have selected The International Centre, Entrance 5, which is located on 6900 Airport Rd., in Mississauga. Click here for directions.


I’m travelling from far, where can I stay?

A: Have no fear! We have arranged special discounted rates just for Halal Food Fest TO attendees with Four Points Sheraton! Click here for more info!


How much is the event?

A: There will be an entrance fee of $5 for ages 10-64. There is no entrance fee for the children under the age of 10 and seniors 65 and over. There will be food booths that will be sampling their foods in exchange for a sample ticket. Sample tickets are $10 for 20 tickets. You will be able to purchase sampling coupons on both days of the event and they can be used for both days. There are no refunds on sample tickets, but you can donate any unused tickets to our Charity Partner – please visit our info booth for more info. Throughout the festival there will be many food stations selling dishes/meals for cash directly to consumer as well.


I have children, what can they enjoy?

A: We have a whole area dedicated to children at Halal Food Fest TO called Kid’s Zone. They’ll enjoy bouncy castles, an obstacle course, animal encounters, science shows and character meet and greets (think super heroes and princesses!) Entry into Kids Zone is $5 per child (under the age of 10) and is good for BOTH festival days for unlimited entry and play. This is not a drop-off service — parents must be with their children inside Kid’s Zone at all times.


Why are you charging an entrance fee?

A: While we would love to keep this a free event, maintaining an organized and well managed event makes it necessary. We have doubled the size of our festival space to accommodate everyone and have invested in other ways to keep attendees happy and comfortable. We feel $5 for ages 10-64 is a good rate to keep our attendees happy and also help cover costs of the various improvements we’ve made.


Why do I have to pay for a sample?

A: We would love for it to be a completely free event however, we all know that one person who sees free food and then well, doesn’t stop eating! Samples are provided directly from our hard working exhibitors and free food would be too much of a financial burden for them to face. We need to enforce a nominal paid system to avoid overcrowding and help our exhibitors keep things under control. It also helps us keep our vendor space rent low, thereby attracting more halal food options for you to discover!


Will it be an indoor or outdoor event?

A: Both! Most of the festival will be held indoors in a spacious air conditioned facility with a main community kitchen stage, seating, shops and food vendors! But we also have a large space outdoors where you’ll get to enjoy the fresh air and the sounds of sizzling grills!


Will Food Vendors/Exhibitors have hand or machine slaughtered meat?

A: We understand the many issues surrounding halal meat in North America. We have decided to create a signage system on every food booth. On the standardized sign (which every exhibitor must display*) you will see large symbols: one for hand, and one for machine. These symbols will be clear and explanations will be given in the festival guide at the event. This way, as a consumer, you will be able to make conscious and educated choices about the food you consume.

There will also be a food exhibitor screening form available at every food booth which you can request which will give you more information about the specific exhibitor.

*Please note that we cannot legally enforce exhibitors to keep the sign displayed. In past years, exhibitors have removed their signage without us knowing. If you do not see a sign on a booth, please inquire meat sources directly with the exhibitor.