Behind the Scenes: Finding Vendors for Halal Food Fest TO!

March 1, 2013 Leave your thoughts

It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. Who am I kidding, it’s an amazing experience alhamdulillah. Not only do we get to taste some great food, we get to meet the people behind the dishes, get their story and share in their journey.

Planning a food festival isn’t as straightforward as it seems, there’s quite a bit of segmenting involved. We really want a good mix of vendors showcasing food from all cultures and styles as well as both sweet and savory fare. This might mean that even though we would LOVE to have 25-30 different cupcake vendors, we just can’t!

There are restaurants, bakeries, caterers, manufacturers and specialty. Let’s not forget snacks and confections, drinks and raw ingredients — the food industry is huge and we have a lot to celebrate here in Toronto when it comes to halal food!

Our main attraction will be our food sampling stations. In order to control the crowds we will implement a very minimal fee for samples. Then, the next level up is food vendors who will be selling their goods throughout the rest of the space. These food sale booths can be anything from specialty vendors selling one signature item, or a variety of dishes if they want to be a full food vendor.

We’ve rented a large facility at The International Centre and we will fit as many vendors as possible — if you know of any unique businesses that would be a great addition, please let us know – leave a comment in the box below or email us at!


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