Grill Master Competition: Enter now!

March 16, 2015 Leave your thoughts

Claim the Title: Grill Master 2015!

Do you dominate the grill at family BBQ’s? Are you constantly being told how amazing your skills are? Then you need to enter the competition and claim your title as Grill Master 2015.

2015 will be all about burgers! On Sunday May 31, 2015 Grill Master will take place at the Outdoor Street Fest Stage. It will be a live competition where finalists will mix, grill and prepare their best ground burger recipe for our panel of judges (and an audience!)

To enter, email your most famous burger picture before 5pm Friday April 24, 2015 to

If you’re selected to compete, you will be notified via email on Friday May 2, 2015 with full details.

Hurry! Your chance to enter ends on Friday April 24th!


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