IDRF Joins Halal Food Festival Toronto as Charity Partner

May 14, 2015 Leave your thoughts

IDRFWe are pleased to welcome International Development Relief Fund (IDRF) as our charity partner for 2015.

IDRF is one of Canada’s leading charitable organizations which have been bringing aid to areas afflicted by war, natural disasters and poverty for the last 30 years.

In many communities around the world, lack of access to clean drinking water poses a serious public health issue. IDRF is committed to improving the availability of portable water where ever there is need. In 2013, the organization launched a special water campaign which included well construction and supply, plus distribution of clean water to areas like Tanzania, Pakistan and Gaza.

An example of one of their programs is the Clean Water Healthy Children Project which provides clean and safe water supply to over 20,000 students in schools along the Eastern borders of Gaza where sometimes, only two hours of water has been available every two days. Unfortunately, this water is unhealthy and unfit for drinking which has lead to severe health issues.

IDRF in partnership with Halal Food Fest TO will be launching a special program to help fund water projects like these at Halal Food Festival 2015.

On May 30-31 we urge all attendees to donate a small amount at the registration kiosks when you arrive to the festival. Like drops of water, these small contributions add up when we work together as a community.

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